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To the Zenith of Sensations
Monday, 22 May 2006
no title ^^
so many days awy frm the com.... at last im back =) well... it was so very gd ^^

Pong made a mark here at 8:44 AM
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Tuesday, 16 May 2006
gold? no gold?
Does anyone of u think Gold is a good investment??
its price never seems to decrease -.-

Pong made a mark here at 4:57 PM
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Friday, 12 May 2006
ARCH 06 part 2
Now Playing: I kon na liam (square faced man)
A few pics from the ARCHITECT '06 fair. it has a particular poster i really like, a kind of booth tt i feel kinda impressed with (both curvature and oblong elements present), a texture tt i would want in my home... and dancing girls in bikini. (the front was so packed i couldnt get there to take the photo ^^ and my gf was so relieved)

Pong made a mark here at 11:38 AM
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Sunday, 7 May 2006
Things to think abt
now tt almost everyone of u are in the enjoyment mood, i wanna pose a few questions for u all to ponder abt.

I recall the phrase tt education ministry employees like to talk abt. they call it "we will move away from rote-learning, memorising and parrot-learning." in particular, i recall chia hee lee using these terms qte often in econs class. she wanted us to be able to think on the spot, not dig up some old information stored deep within the labyrinthine maze inside our brains and splurt it out at the exam paper. this is the backgrd.

the question is: is the environment conducive for that? i mean, is it conducive for making us into "thinkers"

i rmb tt right until the very end (of A lvls) i was still largely an "info-digger". The answers i wrote on the papers were not exactly "what was thought out and planned", but was the result of filling in the same, or similar, answers for many thousands of times in practice papers and what not. it was familiarity that helped me, not my brain's ability to think.

back to the future. Now that im out of that system, and into a system where creativity rules, what has been happening? now, rote-learning is impossible. for the simple reason - that there's nothing to memorise! we create, not read books and then do exam papers. my work is taking paper,glue, etc and creating projects out of them. this branch of knowledge has nothing to do with memorisation. so its fair to say tt my brain's ability to think has improved somewhat.

now, i want to point out the old science vs art debate. it was usually the science subs tt required lots and lots of memorisation. and by art, i dont mean the ARTS subs like hist, geog, etc. i mean music, performing arts, art n craft and such like. my opinion of singapore's education stance has been tt - the art subjects will only churn out artists, dancers, musicians, etc. they arent gonna create wealth for the nation, produce employment, etc. therefore we shall not emphasise on these in the cirriculum. we will only talk abt them in the press, in the national address, to make us look good, look cultured. but we will not overly emphasise them to the masses cos these wont raise our standards of living.

i all felt tt way to me. i dont know if the situation in singapore has changed. but if singapore still follows the same kind of cirriculum style, maintain an environment so conducive for mugging, then the plans to produce a nation full of thinkers will still fail.

and these are only opinions, of cos. =)

Pong made a mark here at 12:38 PM
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Sunday, 30 April 2006
I met the prince! (unofficial)
Today when all of us were doing our own things, Khun Parn came over with 2 other visitors. At first we didnt know who they were. Not to mention that i wasnt even there in the first place. I was walking ard the project, toting my fotofile camera bag. Inside was my 300D, an old Tamron lens that was given to me by Nut. Actually, almost 100% of my camera accs was given to me by him. Anyway, 1 of the people who came with K.Parn was Mhom. He had royal parentage, and it showed on his face. we went to his house (1 of his house anyway) it was quite grand, but modest for a royalty of cos. how abt a bottle of liquor costing a million baht? or a bed that was made with teak wood (whole tree). it was all so ordinary for him, but so out of the world for us. but, the macadamia nuts and the toffee was delicious!

Pong made a mark here at 8:22 PM
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Friday, 28 April 2006
there was some problem with tripod which prevented me ffrom updating for like... 4 days. The post entry page couldnt load no matter what time of the day i tried to access it.

anyway, only abt 4 more days to ARCHITECT '06. Its an annual exhibition at Impact Arena (Muang Thong Thani), the largest exhibition hall in thailand i think. The fair is abt the latest in construction tech, building materials, design resources and etc etc.... i went last yr and was qte impressed.

Pong made a mark here at 8:27 PM
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Monday, 24 April 2006
The 4 unbelievable days
Mood:  chillin'
What happened in those 2-3 days were really unthinkable, to say the least. I had never dreamt that those things would come so soon in our r/s. What started off as furious frenching on day 1, progressed to more and more daring stuff. On day 1, I couldnt control my urges and went at her mouth with ferocity becos we were cuddling and hugging and we were so close to each other i wanted to know what i would be like. so... after abt 15 min of playing with each other's tongue, we stopped and lay back down on the sleeping mat to chat and basically do what we had been doing all along. and that was to be the end, or so i thought.

the next day, we went to Mai's room to do Intro Bus work. Everything was normal, until she decided to take a break from doing her powerpoint. I was then lying down on the floor reading her dragon ball comics. She then slipped into the blanket beside me, saying that she was a little worn out. Mai was at the playstation playing his Devil May Cry, while Noom was playing his WC3 Dota AI. She slipped her hands under my shirt to caress in her usual stance. This ceased after about 5 min, when i started caressing her back. It wasnt that well done becos my hands were larger than hers and in this case, if i moved too quickly the stir in the blanket would be easily noticeable. Until she used the blanket to cover both our heads and we then frenched for abt 3 min... taking too long would draw the attention of the others in the room. pretty exciting.

Well... the 3rd day was even more interesting. I asked her to come over to help manage my room, cos it was in a big mess. She had time to kill anyway since she was waiting for Wa. we lay on the mat for abt 30 min, talking and basically just chatting abt anything under the sun. after that, we both wanted it so there goes the french kissing again. this time, i cannot remember the duration, but it felt forever. we didnt release the grips from each other's mouth for so long.... i think the actual time estimate would be 40 min. im not exaggerating. other details are not suitable for public release (cos, otherwise, those memories would no longer be shared by just us 2)

But i have to add that nothing *of that sort* occurred. seriously. i swear =)

Pong made a mark here at 10:58 AM
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Saturday, 15 April 2006
i have a pretty unique relationship with my father. well.. i admire him yet i hate him. i hate him for his failure to understand any of us, his family members. he expects a lot from us, to the point tt everyone else gets stressed over what he wants. not to mention sometimes he says he wants smth done a certain way, then when we actually do it tt way he scolds us cos he says its inappropiate. hmm... sometimes, its really cos he has aged an thinks in such a way tt our generation cant understand. he speaks of ideals, of old-fahioned goodness, of diligence and hard work, work, serious work, labour, toil, did i mention work???? well... tt pretty much sums up the bad stuff i feel abt him. i never get enthu any time he asks me to do smth... cos it almost always ends up dissatisfactory to him.

on the other hand, i admire him almost as much as i hate him. tts how i feel, even tho i cant write abt what is it tt makes me admire him... or shd i say i have nothing to write. tt doesnt take awy the fact tt i admire him as much as i hate him.

Pong made a mark here at 7:20 PM
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Friday, 14 April 2006
day 2 of festivities
Mood:  bright
the girls got all wet down there. the boys couldnt help it, they were in the mood. all of them were. some got wild after becoming wet. some got wet after becoming wild. it didnt latter, the atmosphere was turning into one of ecstasy and partying. in the end, everyone got wet down at the beachfront. =P

Now, in case u didnt know, its the Songkran festival in thailand right now. Which is also the thai new year cum water festival =) today i took a walk along the beach front, to be sprayed helplessly wet by all those watergun-toting kids and adutls. i myself dont own any gun, so i cant fight back. oh well... an afternnoon full of water spraying helps combat the heat. altho water bills for many places will skyrocket.

Pong made a mark here at 6:27 PM
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Monday, 10 April 2006
spoRts + travel singapore
i was poring over this free mag tt i picked up in heeren while in singapore. its entitled sports+travel singapore. while reading it, it made me wanna dust off my dusty bagpacks and travel bags and juz go off on an epic quest on some hiking trail or desert or forest or island hop or smth along tt line. mountain climbing isnt out of the question too =) u noe, such adventure stuff really amazes me to no end... the self-test of endurance, the scenic scenary, the wildlfe, flora and fauna, and simply the chance to brag to others tt you have been there and done that. anyone can say they went to america to shop, visit disneyland and whatnot. but not everyone can say they went to the nature parks (Mt St Helens) and observe the wildlife for a day and a half. having that back-to-basics feeling of being with nature is really something else.... smth i wanna experience again.

Pong made a mark here at 6:43 PM
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Tuesday, 4 April 2006
Are you guys having exams?
hehez, well., im not sure whether u are. but gd luck anyway =)

election results are still UNOFFICIAL. This really sucks. but if they want to cheat, can't they do it in a better way? Delaying the counting results and then trying to alter them such tt Thaksin has more than >50% of the votes is really disgusting. no matter what, the figures are already astounding. In many areas and constituencies, the absent and abstention vote exceeded the actual vote-for thaksin. Unofficial results have stated that Thaksin's party recieved about 55-60% of the total vote. That pretty much makes him a poor leader. Would u really want a leader that would split the nation? (if half loved him, another half would hate him) and that's an altered figure. in reality, everyone who has access to adquate information in thailand hates him, for we know how corrupted and evil his ways are.

and yes, i know songwee. he was my classmate =)

Pong made a mark here at 11:20 PM
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006
in juz 3 days i will be in sg, with Ja and Build and also some other fac members. hopefully i can find some time to go meet u guys ya??

and heres a photo play on the topic of scaling. (similar in shape but diff in size)

Pong made a mark here at 7:14 PM
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Sunday, 19 March 2006
Re edit
Mood:  chatty
ok im sorry i forgot to resize the mask pic. its ultra huge...

and anyway heres another pic for u to enjoy

and also the resized pic.

Pong made a mark here at 9:41 AM
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Thursday, 16 March 2006
Ive got bees living in my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway i got it removed a few days ago. let me tell u the story:
i went to live with another friend for 2 days. Upon my return one morning, i found a bee hive right outside my door. simple? =P

And this is a photoshopped version of a photo of a latex mask i made for one the subjects.

Pong made a mark here at 11:13 PM
Updated: Sunday, 19 March 2006 10:20 AM
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Saturday, 11 March 2006
Back from Final Des 3
Mood:  silly
Yesterday i went to watch Final Des 3. Well... i was pretty shook up for the whole evening. hmm.... maybe cos the deaths were gory? I mean... being crushed and all tt. not to mention the first 2 deaths. im not gonna say more in case it turns into a spoiler.

but tt was tt...

exams are over. all i still need to do is complete my year 1 portfolio. after tt... im pretty much a yr 1.5 student. and then in june.. year 2.

Pong made a mark here at 9:37 AM
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